Ashie IIoT Solutions

Ashie IIoT Solutions is a pioneering leader in the Design and Development of OT (Operational Technology) Devices and Network Architecture, with an impressive track record spanning 25 years. Specializing in PLC Programming, Debugging, Modification, and Industry 4.0 solutions, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology to drive efficiency, connectivity, and innovation across industries.

OT Devices Design and Development:

  • Proven expertise in conceptualizing, designing, and developing state-of-the-art OT devices tailored to meet the unique needs of diverse industries.
  • Customized solutions to enhance operational efficiency, reliability, and real-time data acquisition.

Network Architecture:

  • Specialized in crafting robust and scalable network architectures that form the backbone of seamless communication between OT devices, ensuring optimal performance and security.
  • Integration of cutting-edge technologies for efficient data transfer and real-time analytics.

Integration with Leading Platforms:

  • Proficient in integrating our solutions with leading platforms such as Ignition, SAP, MSSQL, ensuring seamless compatibility and data interoperability.
  • Leveraging Industry 4.0 standards to enhance connectivity and collaboration.

Industry 4.0 Data Collection:

  • Pioneers in Industry 4.0 implementation, providing end-to-end solutions for data collection, analysis, and utilization.
  • Integration of advanced sensors and IoT devices to enable predictive maintenance and data-driven decision-making.